Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Reed|Armstrong have tried hundreds of cases to judges and juries. When you retain Reed|Armstrong, you have the experience of both a former prosecutor and former police detective on your side.  We have represented clients charged under nearly every section of the criminal code.  However, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

Drug-Related Crimes

In order to defend drug-related crimes, a lawyer should have a thorough knowledge of trial practice and evidence, the specific legal procedures involved in proving that a substance is indeed an illegal narcotic, and the law regarding motions to exclude evidence. The attorneys at Reed|Armstrong have litigated drug cases on both sides of the aisle. Jason Reed has argued and won complex motions as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. Stephen Armstrong made drug arrests on the streets of Petersburg before opening a thriving law practice.  The penalties for drug-related crimes seem to grow more severe every year. Even a marijuana case should not be taken lightly. Most drug convictions now result in a suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license, so your freedom to drive is at stake. Let us provide zealous, experienced representation to obtain a favorable result in your case.

Theft and Fraud

The attorneys at Reed|Armstrong have litigated innumerable theft cases over the years, from convenience store theft to grand theft auto. Once a matter has changed from a civil debate over funds to a criminal charge, your freedom is at risk. Even a petty theft conviction may impair your
ability to get a job or credit. Hire an experienced attorney to protect your good name and freedom.
Breaking & Entering, Robbery, and Carjacking
Depending on the circumstances, charges involving breaking & entering, robbery, or carjacking have the potential to put you in jail for the rest of your life. Even a plea bargain may result in years behind bars, rather than months. If you are accused of one of these crimes, you need an attorney who is not afraid to litigate the case to its fullest. While each case must be evaluated on its merits, Reed|Armstrong attorney Jason Reed has taken robbery, carjacking, and breaking & entering with a deadly weapon cases to juries and obtained favorable results.

Weapons-Related Crimes

Many weapon-related felonies carry mandatory, multi-year sentences in Virginia. You need an attorney who is well-versed in search and seizure law, knowledgeable about the details of juvenile orders, and unafraid to argue a felony case to a jury. As attorneys who have litigated countless weapons cases, ranging from concealed weapons violations to five-year mandatory-minimum firearm-felon charges, we can provide you with the representation you deserve and protect your rights.

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