DUI & Reckless Driving

Charges like reckless driving and driving under the influence are technically classified as crimes and, unlike infractions, a criminal conviction could stay on your record for the rest of your life. Even if the court issues you a restricted license, you could incur thousands of dollars in costs for lost wages and ignition interlock equipment installation and monitoring. You should always consult with an experienced attorney regarding misdemeanor charges to assess your exposure and options.

Driving Under the Influence

If you are accused of driving under the influence, the two most important factors in presenting your defense are experience and attention to detail. You want attorneys who have prosecuted and defended hundreds of DUI charges. You want attorneys whose knowledge of the latest breath tests, blood tests, and field sobriety tests is up to date. You want attorneys who can look at an officer’s field sobriety test notes and know the implications for your case. By combining experience with an aggressive discovery plan, Reed|Armstrong can present a full and fair defense on your behalf.

Reckless Driving

In Virginia, reckless driving is a crime that may carry up to a twelve month jail sentence, and your license may be suspended upon conviction. With so much at stake, you should seek out representation. Reed|Armstrong can provide you experienced representation and advise you of what courses of action may mitigate the financial consequences of a reckless driving ticket as well as protect your driver’s license and your freedom.

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